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Park Story Known Issues

Steam Screenshots Not Working

Issue: Pressing F12 does not save a Steam screenshot

Action: Investigation into the reason for the issue is ongoing.

If you have any concerns or bug reports please contact us at

Park Story Fixed Issues

Getting Stuck After Auto-Jump

Issue: Attacking before auto-jumping can lead to players getting stuck.

Workaround: Exit the game via the Pause menu and reload. You'll return to the entrance of the room or checkpoint.

Action: Fix implemented.

Sticky Platform Areas

Issue: Players can find moving platform type areas to be sticky. Parker will move inconsistently, or appear stuck.

Action: Fixed prior to general release.

Overworld Transition Collision Errors

Issue: Some transitions from one overworld area to another may result in the player becoming stuck if you make contact with them at the "wrong" point.

Action: Fixed prior to general release.

Inconsistent Lock-on Behaviour

Issue: When using the lock-on function, players can find that they don't lock on in the right direction every time

Action: Fixed prior to general release.

Roll Onto Ladders

Issue: The player can roll up onto certain ladders

Action: Fixed prior to general release.